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(Source: wrestling-giffer)

(Source: wrestling-giffer)


My absolute favorite booty work out. Some gyms have a dedicated machine that does this, unfortunately mine doesn’t so I make do with what I have (you could even use ankle weights). I call them “butt ups”, I usually do 3 sets of 6-12 reps on each leg, it really just depends on how much my legs will cooperate with me because these are difficult. So just to confirm, this is the lying leg curl machine, I put a mat down and press the arm bar up, adjust weight as needed, it should be difficult, I do 65lbs.


One of my favorite stretches for hamstrings.

Stand a few inches off of a wall, bend over at the hips making sure your butt DOES NOT touch the wall EVER! This is going to force weight into your toes and actually isolate the hamstrings. Usually when we bend to touch out toes out body shifts the weight to out heels making it easier on out hamstrings. When you come up, again, make sure your butt does not touch the wall.


Here’s an example of an ab roller variation, once you feel like you’ve mastered ab rolling on your knees you can move to a decline bench that will be your transition from knees to standing ab rolls.


Yesterday’s Chest & Tricep

3X10 Push Ups

3X10 Incline Bench Press 90lbs

3X10 Flat Bench Dumbbell Flys 15lbs

3X10 Decline Dumbbell Flys 10lbs

3X10 Bench Dips 25lb plate on legs

3X10 Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension 10lbs

3X10 Dumbbell Tricep Kickback 10lbs

3X10 Overhead Two-Handed Tricep Extension 30lbs

3X10 Tricep Pushdown 75lbs

I came home yesterday feeling horribly sick, I haven’t had a chance to make it to the gym, I seriously hope that I’ll be able to today though.




Back & Bicep

3X10 Hammer Strength Lat Pull 60lbs

3X10 Wide Grip Lat Pull 70lbs

3X10 Seated Narrow Rows 70lbs

3X10 T-Bar Row 50lbs

3X10 Back Extension holding 25lb plate

3X10 Barbell Curl ??

Incline Dumbbell Curl 15lbs

Alternative Hammer Curl 15lbs

My gym is pretty small, so we don’t have a hammer pull machine, I’ve been doing a cable variation that I’m really fond of.

Does anyone know what a light barbell weighs?  There’s like these smaller thinner ones at the gym and I can’t find that information anywhere. Let me know!



This morning was leg day

3X6 Leg Extensions 100lbs

4X6 Squats 90lbs

4X6 Deadlifts (trap bar) 140lbs

3X20 Standing Calf Raises 85lbs

3X6 Butt Ups 70lbs

3X12 Seated Calf Raises 90lbs

I’ll have to take a video of butt ups next leg day, I’m not sure the proper name for them, but I love them and that’s what I call them soooooo….

If you can not life that heavy DON’T!  I only put that there to track my own progress.